How To Back A Project |

How To Back

Here we have a step by step on how to back with Benfeitoria's projects.

Step 1 : Starting the Backing Process

Press the button "APOIAR ESTA CAMPANHA". It will begin the backing process.

Step 2 : Choose your reward(s)

Here in Benfeitoria you can choose multiple rewards of a project at the same time, here follows how It will look.

Click "CONTINUAR" to progress to the next step.

Step 3 : Register Time

Here you can register in two different ways: using your facebook or creating a new Benfeitoria user using your own email

Step 3.1 : Using your email

Fill the gaps with your personal data - email, password (twice), name and surname, gender, country, state and city

Step 4: Complete your registration

After your register you will be asked to complete some data necessary for the contribution

Step 5 : Review your data

(1) : Benfeitoria is the first platform in the world to not charge the crowdfunding projects a mandatory fee. But we DO have costs to maintain our structure. As we do not want to charge those who can not pay, we invite you to be part of it contributing to the platform itself besides the project. This is up to you!

Step 6: Click in the icons

STEP 07: Add credit card information

After adding credit card information, click “Pagar com Cartão” to finish the backing process.

If you have any doubt we are available at